Convert RGB Codes into HEX Codes

Hello there,

im currently looking for a way to convert RGB Codes like (32,247,42) [R,G,B]
into the correnponding HEX Code (#20F72A). I saw that there are ways, to get this code with a function in excel but im not to deep into excel functions to make it work.
Since i will not be able to make this step manually every execution, i would need a way to translate the codes into HEX in knime, somehow.

If anybody knows a strat to do it i would be realy thankfull.
Thanks in advance

@Yannick_Jasper one way could be to use a Python script like in this example:

Do you have a collection of examples you could provide and check? I might try to adapt the code or you could ask ChatGPT to do it.


i will give this one a try and get back to you with the results

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