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Dear KNIME users,

I have a column with a string type, containing values in a scientific notification, like 7,8E-10 and I would like to convert the values to float to do some operations on them (convert from Molar to micro-molar). Is there a node in KNIME that can do this?

I already tried Round Double node but it didn’t recognize the column that I want to convert.
I also tried String Manipulation, String to numbers… But they didn’t fix my problem.

Any suggestions, please?

Hi there @sizeineb,

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I see you tried String to Number node. What was wrong with it? Just tried it and works fine for number you given as example.


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Hi @sizeineb,

use Java Snippet (simple) with following syntax.

return Double.parseDouble($column$);

This should convert your string.

Probably in both cases you have to change the renderer from standard double into full precision display to see the result. This has no impact on the data itself.

BR Hermann

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