Convert String column to KNIME List Column after transposing table

Hi community, after some own experiments I figured out that when using the Table Transposer Node you might get out a Column which will be represented as String but you know that it needs to become a List for further procession (like using Ungroup Node).

Therefore I always forget how to create that list.
So imagine you will have the new column Transposed Column with a string like:
Yes, I’m using them for data annotation.$Annotating engineering data in CRC project$Yes, I’m using them to provide a search engine.

In this example I have used a $ char to be sure I can split the string and generating a correct List after all (this is the crucial point because within the string there might be a high probability that u have used commas within one list item and can not split on them).
With this pre processing i now can use a Cell Splitter to select the column and config the output to be As list.

I would like to hear from you if there is a delimiter other than $ to be really sure that the splitting succeeds at any time?

@farmerLeipzig welcome to the KNIME forum. Back in the days we use ASCII 164 sign


… also called the ‘flattened turtle’ :slight_smile: (OK it is the currency sign …). Because this usually would not appear in any texts but also is a ‘standard’ character.


Thank you @mlauber71 for the flattened turtle suggestion. Might be exotic enough.
The only little hurdle left is that on small keyboards you cannot type them direct so you have to go get this char copy/pasted from somewhere. But as long as I researched on this, on small keyboards this is the simplest approach.

@farmerLeipzig on Windows the combination of holding down the ALT key and then typing the numbers 164 will bring this character.

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But only works with a numpad, right?! On small keyboards without numpad this is not working.

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