Convert Time(Duration) to Numbers

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I am trying to convert duration to numbers. I replicated this topic: Convert time to number.

Although, in my original table i have more than one column that i need to convert to numbers and i can only append one column with the Duration to Number Node

I also would like to replace the result in the original columns but the Duration to Number Node only appends.

I went to some other topics and tried different things but i am not quite familiar with some (e.g. with loops).

Can someone please guide me through some solution?

Thank you so much in advance

Hi @migueldevezas and welcome to KNIME Forum

See this wf convert_to_duration.knwf (48.4 KB). It loops every column, where in the end every column keeps his original name.

gr. Hans


Hi Hans,

This is quite amazing!
Well, maybe not for most of you but what intelligent way to address these problems!
Thank you so much for your time and for thesolution! :slight_smile:

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