Convert TXT file to ANSI

Hi everyone, I want to convert a TXT file into an ANSI file, so I beg if someone know how to specify that in the CSV Writer node.

I know that I can convert it manually in the Notepad++ program, but it would be better if I Knime can help me with that.


ANSI.txt (34 Bytes)

Hi @salazachou

Apparently the ANSI character coding is an extension of the ISO-8859-1, so if your text in the KNIME tables does not use characters that are not covered by the ISO-8859-1 coding, then you might save your tables in this latter encoding format to be compatible with the ANSI format.

This is explained in the following link:

where it is said that “of the three main 8-bit character sets, only ISO-8859-1 is produced by a standards organization. The three sets are identical for the 95 characters from 32 to 126, the ASCII character set. The ANSI character set, also known as Windows-1252, has become a Microsoft proprietary character set; it is a superset of ISO-8859-1 with the addition of 27 characters in locations that ISO designates for control codes. Apple’s proprietary MacRoman character set contains a similar variety of characters from 128 to 255, but with very few of them assigned the same numbers, and also assigns characters to the control-code positions.

Hope it helps.


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