Convert Workflow Data Stream (Complete Table) To Binary

Hey All!

I am using the PUT node to upload files to SharePoint via Microsoft Graph. Microsoft Graph API requires that the data be in a Binary format.

I am loading the files as such below:

Is it possible to convert a complete table (stored in a node after it’s read in) to binary so I can simply upload it from my workflow?

If it’s missing file format data that may be problematic, but I’m trying to find a more seamless way to load an excel file from SharePoint, update it and then overwrite the file on SharePoint without having to save and export then read back in.

I know I can load a file into a temp directory that clears when KNIME closes and address it in that way, but I was just wanting some feedback.

Thank you!

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If you need to have a Excel file in binary format, saving it to disk (temp folder) and using Files to Binary Objects is the way to go.


Hi @Marten_Pfannenschmidt,

Thank you! That’s what I have been doing, I was just hoping for a way to possibly avoid the extra step of saving the file.

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