Converting Access Expressions to Knime node

I’m trying to convert a workflow from access to Knime - can anyone help me figure out which node would be best to use and what the format would be to code this into knime? I have a query in access where I am using a lot of expressions to create new colums with calculated results. For example:

TEST_ID: “ABC” & Format(Now(),“yyyymmdd”) & [TICKET_NUMBER] & [PORTFOLIO]

How can I do this in Knime? I will have multiple new columns and would like to be able to do them all within the same node if possible.


Hi there @smoothlarryhughes,

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Don’t know Access but doesn’t seem hard to guess what are you trying to do with this expression so I might help. I prefer using multiple nodes instead of one node solution with coding if multiple doesn’t mean a lot (like 10,15+ depending on logic). For your above expression String Manipulation node can do it all with join() function. Only thing prior to it you would need to get today’s date in format you wish - preferably as a flow variable. If you would really like one node solution Column Expressions would me me choice. There you can code (syntax is JavaScript) and create multiple expressions.

Give it a try and if any questions or need an example workflow feel free to ask.



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