Converting string to integer

I’ve used the ‘String to Number’ node to convert strings that look like ‘08’ to ‘8’. The problem is that I can’t find a way to make the node convert it to an integer type. When I later use the ‘Column Combiner’ node to join this new column with another, I get values that look like ‘A8.0’, whereas what I want is ‘A8’. Is there a way to convert either string or numeric to integer?

Thanks a lot,


Hi Andrew,
We have this new feature already on our wish list, and its importance is constantly increasing… In the meantime, you can only use the Java Snippet node using

return Integer.parseInt($your_string_column$);

and you can even append string values in the same run, i.e.

return “A” + Integer.parseInt($your_string_column$);

Best, Thomas

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Thank you, Thomas, I will try this out.