Converting to a Bit-Vector-Friendly Table


I have a table with the following attributes:

Date Category
2015/03/25 Apple
2015/03/25 Orange
2015/03/25 Banana
2015/03/25 Banana
2015/03/26 Apple

I want to convert the table to the following:

Date Apple Orange Banana
2015/03/25 1 1 2
2015/03/26 1 0 0

The goal of this conversion is to have a table that can be used with the "Create Bit Vector" node. I'm not quite sure how this conversion is done using Knime, Any help would be greatly appreciated!

It seems you want to pivot (Pivoting) with counting, though I am not so sure that the result is very close to bitvectors (you have 2 in your example, so you have to be careful when you create bitvectors).

Cheers, gabor

Thanks aborg, it worked!!