Cookie handling

Hi all,

is it correct to assume the the GET/POST etc nodes in the REST client extention do NOT handle cookies at all but the HTTPretriever from the Palladium collection does?

I’m struggling to find information on that.

Thanks for the help.

Peter Schmidtke

Hi Peter,
It depends what you mean by “handling”. Using the “Response Headers” tab in the configuration you can tell the node to extract the Set-Cookies header and put it into a separate column. In a subsequent request, you can simply send the content of this column by providing it in the “Request Headers” tab as the Cookies header. Here you have full control over what you send, as it is quite low-level, but it therefore also requires some extra work.
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Alright, that’s due to my newbieness then! :wink: will try to test that instead of the HTTP retriever version with two ports as well (I’d prefer to have everything in a single pipe indeed).

Thanks for the quick reply!



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