Cookies Node – Execute failed: Failed connecting to tab web socket

Good morning,

since today, without any change to Knime or the workflow, the Cookies node throws the following error:

ERROR Cookies 3:988:0:972:0:961 Execute failed: Failed connecting to tab web socket.

Yesterday I was still able to extract Cookies via Chrome Dev Tools API. Knime was closed, the wrokflow / nodes in question reset and reconfigured by switching temporarily to the JavaScript method.

Using “Chromium (bundled)” it works. Reverting to regular Chrome and trying again, the Cookies node continues to fail.


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Hey Mike,

Thanks for the heads up.

Looks indeed like the newest Chrome broke something. For now, switching to “Chromium” seems the best bet. I’ll see that we have a fix in the upcoming 4.12.2.


Could you post a reduce example WF?

This was an issue with Chrome v111+ which introduced breaking changes with the CDT protocols. It is fixed with v4.12.2:

Thanks for brining that to my attention, Mike!


Thanks fir checking that issue and the quick fix. About the second issue … I tried but it is not reproducible. Which led me to review my workflow. I save the results in a temp table which required to dump the WebDriver. Therefore, a false positive.


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