copy a cell values and move them to position

good evening
is for some time that I do not use knime but with the new job I will start using it again.
I don’t remember (the node) how to copy a cell values and move these values.
Here I attach example, the initial table can have a varibaile number of data because the file is updated and there can be for example 10 values like 200
In the file attached the red the starting data, in green the arrival data (for convenience I entered the output data on the same sheet but actually I will create a new sheet (for this I do not need help)
thanks in advance
example_1.xlsx (9.1 KB)

Hi @lriva , for your specific use case of dividing a single column into 2 columns, you can use the Column to Grid node:


Hi @takbb
Thank you!
I didn’t know this node !

lol… actually… neither did I, :wink:

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