Copy Excel Formats from Original into Excel Writer in KNIME


is there an option to copy/read the existing formatting of an .xlsx Data ?
For example i have a List with sales per Month and these can be expanded or reduced by year (like u can do it with a pivot table for Years & Months).
If I now want to update the existing excel with the sales from the last month i would loose all the formatting for the columns. So if there would be an option to read the formatting in the excel reader and apply these settings to the excel writer to not loose any formatting of columns.

Thanks for any advice or tips on this topic.

@Yannick_Jasper , I would recommend to use 2 tabs. One with data populated from KNIME and second one with necessary formatting. Also, after new data are populated, I recommend to convert them to Excel table. This allows to refer instead of data range to table, say Table1.


Hi @Yannick_Jasper , have you looked at the following node which is available as an extension

It’s not quite as you asked but I think you should be able to adapt your workflow to use this and retain formatting


hey @takbb,

thanks for that node, this will make overwritting excel a lot easier to handle.

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