Copy File to different locations (Using "Copy/Move Files" Node)

I have a problem with the “Copy / Move Files” node.
I have a table with two URI columns (Target column, Source column)
Simple example: I want to copy File “A” into three different locations (Name 1…3).
Source URI | Target URI
A | Name 1
A | Name 2
A | Name 3
B | etc 1
B | etc 2

The node failed. MSG: Execute failed: Duplicate entry “A”
What am I doing wrong here ?
Thanks in advance

Hi there @Tim8200,

welcome to KNIME Community!

Copy/Move Files node can’t handle copying same file multiple times. To workaround it you can use loop to either process one row at the time (Chunk Loop Start) either process distinct files at each iteration (Group Loop Start) node. To close loop use Loop End node which will concatenate all processed files/rows.

Hope this helps! If any questions feel free to ask.


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