Copy files using SMB

I tried to copy files from a network drive to a different network drive using Transfer Files (Table) node.
As I need to use two different file shares I added source and destination ports.
I want to rename the file according the input table (eg. add timestamp).

Workflow: SMB Source, SMB Destination - Table Source File, Destination File → Transfer Files (Table).

I did select source column from input table and Destination from input table.

The workflow fails as it seems, that SMB Destination is not used to connect (or uses Source connection). (“Unable to access”).
If I select From file chooser SMB, the file is copied, but then I can not define the name of the destination file, but only the directory. Copy to local diretory works.

Are there any samples which use this combination?

Thanks in advance


Hey Dnreb,

thanks for posting! I did some investigation and it seems that we mistakenly resolve the destination paths against the source file system instead of the destination file system. For the time being you could transfer the files to a local directory and from there to the desired network drive.

Best regards


Thanks a lot for your very fast reply Lars!

I will use as workaround different subfolders with individual name.

Have a good day


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