Copy-Paste crashing issue


I don’t know since which Knime version this is occurring but it is present in Knime 4.7.

When you copy a node and then, instead of pasting it on a workflow, you inadvertently paste it inside a string placeholder (like a node label) you get a really long hash being pasted.
This might just be annoying but it gets worse because the pasted hash is so long that it freezes completely Knime and you often have no other choice than to force quitting Knime (and loose your unsaved work).

Does this have been fixed ?
If so, in which version ?

This issue has already been reported but there was no information about a fixed version :


UPDATE : This happens when copying a component, I did not test copying a node.

Hi @ddamasceno,

As per the referenced post, @armingrudd put a ticket number in there (AP-20751). Keep an eye out for the changelog whenever a new KNIME version is released. Once included, it will be part of the list :wink:


Dear @ddamasceno,

Thank you for reporting the issue. As @ArjenEX has mentioned, there is a ticket regarding not populating clipboard in case of copying a node/component. But the scenario you described shouldn’t cause KNIME freeze.
Does it happen everytime you do this? Can you reproduce the issue?

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