Copy/paste inclusion/exclusion fields

I would like a way to copy the “Exclude” / “Include” fields I select in the dialogs and paste them into a document. If the list is long, I would like a way for documentation purposes.

Hi @tims

I think what you are looking for is already possible.

In the node where you did chose the in and exforce lists you need to generate flow variables with the field as selected below.

After the node you than have the following output

I used the DataGenerator node as an input, and using enforce inclusion I selected the Universe_0_0 and the Universe_0_1.

There is imho one thing missing to this solution. If you are selecting enforce inclusion and new columns are added to your table, those will not show up in the lists. Because the list is only what is in the configuration dialog.

I therefore built the below workflow so that columns which were not available at configurations are marked as AutoIncluded or AutoExcluded.

I just pushed this workflow to my KNIME Hub, you can find it here:

Does this help?


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