Copy the .knwf from one folder to another in Knime Server automatically


I have a scenario where i need to move some set of old knime workflows from prod folder to archive under Knime server. I manually move the files from one folder to another. However, i have around 100 workflows to be moved to archive folder. can some one advice if there is any way to automatically move the files between the folders under the same knime server?

I tried using explorer reader/writer and got the following error

ERROR Explorer Writer 0:4612 Execute failed: Can only read from files on the server.

Can you help me out on this regard?

Hi @mari,

I’ve attached a workflow that allows you to do this via the KNIME Server REST API. All you need to do is to enter your credentials and server address in the first metanode, and select the source and target directories in the second metanode. The workflow will then move all workflows and workflow groups from source to target.

Please note that this workflow makes use of the API’s new copy/move functionality that was introduced in KNIME Server 4.8. If you are using an older version, the same is still possible, but requires three steps instead of one (download -> upload -> delete).

Hope that helps!


serverCopyDir.knwf (47.7 KB)


Thank you Roland.This helps.