Copy workflows between servers while keeping their history

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i did not find a way to copy the workflows between servers, as “Copy between different servers is not supported.”, so i need a temporary location in my local workspace to do so.
When copying to my local machine, then re-uploading to the new server, it seems the workflow history is lost.

Do you happen to know if there is a quick way to copy between servers while keeping the history? Obviously i could download the snapshots one by one and re-save on the new location one by one, but that would a bit of overkill :slight_smile:

Thank you in advance for any tip,


Snapshots of workflows are stored in the .metainfo folder of the workflow itself on the server. So the best option for you is to copy the full workflows via SSH and put it into the workflow repository of the second server. Keep in mind that the .meta info also contains further information such as scheduled jobs and permissions which might have to be deleted/adjusted.


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Thank you Moritz, we will do accordingly, with respect to .meta

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