copying columns with different names beneath other columns

i want to copy all columns on the right side in a certain structure beneath ohther columns. To be more precise about the structure, I have on the left side my testdata, next to it my reference data and on the right side my result (wheater they are the same or not). I made this comparison for many different “attributes” (see column headers) and now I just want to put them in that structure i described.

Here is an example:

In the end i should get a long table with 6 columns somehow like this:
Row ID | Columnname_test (Attribute) | Columnname_reference (Attribute) | Column Value 1 | Column Value 2 | Result (Comparison)

I tried it with pivoting and transformation but it did not work out
I hope somebody can help me out.

Thank you very much!


I would use Column Filter, Column Rename, and Concatenate.

You use the column filter to get sets of target columns, rename the sets with column rename so that columns you want to stack have the same name, and then concatenate them one on top of the other. Hope that helps~

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