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Is there an easy way to copy large amounts of data without writing it to a csv or Excel? I wrote a quick SQL query and I need the output in an already existing Excel document. The query results are ~60,000 rows… Rather than saving the results as a .csv or .xlsx and then copying into Excel, it would be great if I could copy directly from the DB Query Reader. Unfortunately, ctrl + shift + down arrow does not highlight cells all the way to the bottom, and clicking and dragging cells is quite slow. Is there any other way?


Ctrl-A will select the whole table. Unfortunately, when you copy to the clipboard, the column header is not copied. Hope this helps.

One way to do it would be to write to excel and then use the option to open the excel file once written so you would have your data at your finger tips in Excel.

Then you could bring your data to a

and see if you could copy your data from there (with 60k rows there might be performance issues).

Then you are aware that the Excel writer can write to separate Excel sheets without overwriting other ones in the file (works most of the time). If you want to automatically fill special areas of an exciting Excel sheet you would have to resort to python.

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Hello @Snowy,

as @dnaki said “Ctrl+A” works but first you should click on/select one cell.

And copying data with headers is available from version 4.2.0. See here @dnaki:



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