Correct variables to make google updater work

I’m trying to use google sheets updater for the first time and I’m a rookie. Since I have hundreds of spreadsheets I don’t want to use the dropdown menu to select the spreadsheet.
So I’m trying to provide Spreadsheet Id e Sheet Name but I do something wrong.
Thank for any help
I attache some screenshots:

  1. workflow with nodes I used

  2. google spreadsheet infos (it’s inside a shared google drive, I have read/write rights on that file)

  3. Variable Creator node configuration

  4. Google Sheets updater configuration

  5. finally the error message if I click ok on the Google Sheets updater config page

It seems I self solved it:

  1. I choose a random file in the spreadsheet select dialog box and a random sheet. Only at that point I’ve set the two variables and it accepted the provided variables.

  2. I had to change SheetId from “1593218913” to the string name “Test”

Then it worked. I think as a possible update of the node, you shouldn’t be obliged to choose a random spreadsheet, but once you figure it out it’s not a big deal.

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