Correcting addresses in csv file.

I have an extra large csv file with address information contained in the file for a single state.
When using the python and geocoding I am finding that some addresses are actually incorrect or mispelled causing issues with the geocoding. Is there a way with knime to easily correct the mispelled addresses oer even wrong addresses so I can correct them.
I have Place, Adrress 1 Address 2 City/Town and State as categories in my spreadsheet as well as other info in my csv file.

This really isn’t a simple problem to solve.

  • In what country are these address located?

  • How many addresses are there?

  • What kind of accuracy do you need?

  • What’s your budget? There are a few APIs that do address validation, but this kind of access to address information is usually not free.


Thanks for your response. We are working on fixing the issues in the geocoding.

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