Correlation between string and numeric variables


Is it possible to calculate a correlation between string and numeric variables in Knime?
I tried the Linear Correlation node, but it only calculates string - string and numeric - numeric correlations; string - numeric variable pair correlations come out as “?” in the correlation matrix.


Hi Filipa & welcome to the KNIME community forum

Is there any known correlation metric in particular berween strings and numbers you have in mind ?

Maybe you have already used such kind of metric in another data mining tool but it is not available in Knime ?

If so, could you please provide its name to better understand what exactly you need to achieve ?

Thanks in advance.



I did non use such a metric before.
I want to predict if a hotel booking reservation is canceled (dummy variable). My data set has a high number of predictors (categorical and numeric), so it would be very useful to get some sort of association measure between my target and the features before testing an algorithm

Hi @filipa_marques


gr. Hans

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