Correlation Matrix Component / Lee Fader

I’m trying to replicate this workflow Just Knime It S2 C9 edited by @l6fader

horse.knwf (144.7 KB)
train.csv (223.8 KB)

I have 2 problems :
1/ My target column “Outcome” is not in the correlation matrix why ?
2/ Where can we change the tittle in the component ?

Thanks for your help.

Hello @Brain ,

  1. If you look at the second output of the LInear Correlation node, you will see the Outcome column at the end. Please see the attached screenshot.

  2. For the second question, if you open the component, you will see two Generic JavaScript View nodes. If you open one of them, on the right side you will see the title. Please see the attached screenshot.

I hope this answers your query.

Thank you,


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