Could Knime row id begin in 1 instead 0?


I am having some difficult to deal with default row id provided by Knime, once it begins in 0. Could Knime row id begin in 1 instead 0? How to set it?



Well you can simply use a Maths node with formulae (RowIndex+1) to give a new column. Then connect a Double to Integer node, and convert this new column to Integer format.  Then attach the RowID node and choose to create new RowID column using the Integer column you just created.

Hope this helps.


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The workaround I use is to re-number both tables with the RowID node before joining (which is why I usually touch that stuff to begin with). It's annyoing, and IMO a bug/oversight, and not really an intended behaviour or feature (as some claims go about some bugs :-)).

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