Count mentions of specific months with twitter node


I need to count the mentions of three different Twitteraccounts at July, August and September from last year. Can I manage this with the Twitter node or can this node only report my own Twitteraccount?

Has anyone experience with this?

Thank you for your reply. Julia

Hello Julia,

I did a little research and here is what I found:

To get all the mentions in an aribitrary timeframe you need the "GET statuses/mentions_timeline". But this needs user authentication.
If you don't have the user authentication you can still crawl mentions via the "GET search/tweets". But his is limited to the last 7 days.

So I don't think this is possible via the Twitter-API.

I'm no Twitter-expert but you could try to do a workaround via a web-crawler? If there is a website where you can see them you can probably use a crawler to get those tweets as HTML and then parse them. Not neat, but might do the job.


Hello Ferry,

I think you are right that this isn't possible with the twitter-API. On my research someone mentioned that it only can reach the last two or three months....

But the web-crawler is a good idea, I think I will search in this direction, as it sounds possible to find something with the function I'm searching for.

So thank you for this idea.

Best, Julia


Hi Julia,

The community nodes, i.e. the Palladian nodes, are a good starting point. There is for example an HTML-Parser.
If you create a workflow to circumvent the limitations of the twitter API it would be awesome if you could publish it in the forum or send it to me!