Count over partition by ....

Hi to all,

I have two columns named as Country and Zip Code

I want to count number of rows for each combination so that I will be able to find most frequent zipcode for each country to fill null zipcodes.

It is the equivalent of SQL code count(x) over (partition by y,z)

I tried Groupby and Column Aggregator but couldn’t find an output such as : “Country” - “Zip” - “Count”

Is there a suitable way for it?

Have a nice day

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Sorry for taking your time,

I still want to see your different approaches.

But I found the solution. It is with Groupby again.

I added these two columns as grouping variables but I also needed to count another column in manual aggregation tab.

It is OK for me now. Sorry again


No need for apology! It is always helpful to see a problem posted, with the solution immediately after :slight_smile:

Incidentally, what you ended up doing is what I would have suggested.

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