Count rows by value within certain range

Hi there,

i have a table with two columns, one for a callsign(name) and one for a time values (in seconds).
Now i would like to count how many rows consist a time value within a range of 300 sec.
Basically, i would like to have a new table or column telling the number of occurancies with a time value:
0 - 300,
301 - 600,
601 - 900,

and so on.

So far i tried my luck with the Rule Engine Node and the GroupBy Node. Still, it seems pretty complicated…
Any ideas?


This sounds like binning, so I’d start by trying one of the binner nodes.

A Numeric Binner node followed by a Value Counter or GroupBy node might do the trick.


Hi @NilsAhr

You can use the MathFormula node and use: ceil($time$/300)
ceil returns the smallest integer above the number.
Then you can use a GroupBy node to count the occurrences of the callsigns.
Although you don’t have the labels yet, you can do the counting.

gr. Hans

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