Count the strings within a specific column (use of countif(), sumifs() excel)


is there an opportunity to count the occurence of specific terms within a certain column?
As you can see in the picture, I need a node that fits to this precedure… In the example “Toyota occcurs 76 times”. It should work like the countif() function in excel.

Furthermore, I try to caclulate an average number by dividing the sum of family-members sumifs() in excel of a specific firm divided by the occurence of a firm countif() . (Here “76”) to calculate (Here: “10.026”)

The formula should work like this:
Amount of family member of a certain firm (column family member)…/ Overall occurence of a certain firm (column applicants). <=> sumifs()/countif()

Is there an opportunity to use simple nodes to implement this ? For example the formula node? If so,…how does the code looks like?

Afterwards a splot would be useful.

PatentdatenbankV1.xlsx (463.2 KB)
Many thanks in advance for your useful help!

First I’d duplicate the applicants column. I used the Rule Engine node with the rule TRUE => $applicants$.

Then use the GroupBy node, grouping by this new applicants column:

Then aggregate by the original applicants column using Count, and also by family-member using Mean:

And this is the result which can be plotted using any of the scatter plot nodes:


Many thanks! It works :slight_smile:


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