Count words in string and transfer to new column

Hello, I'm new using Knime, but I have a necessity to find some information in a string and I couldn´t find a good form for the resolve the problem.

The problem is:

I have a table in excel with information about treatment of patients (id treatment, date, diagnostic, findings, doctor, number of sessions, etc.), the field "findings" have  information about of treatment when the pacient arrived to medical. This field is unestructured and I need extract a part of information and create a new field for staticstis.

This is a example of text (is spanish text):

"Paciente reporta que hace 3 meses comenzo dolor de 9/10 E.N. en el hombro izquerdo que se irrada por todo el biceps, codo y muñeca. Dolor al mover el hombro en rotacion, abduccion y aumenta en las noches. Dolor disminuye en reposo."

I need extract a level of pain (in this case 9/10) and put the value 9 in a new field "LevelPain". The persons that wrote this text doesn´t have a standard, for example in sometimes is "9/10" or "9 / 10" or " 9/10" or "9/ 10".

I created a worklow for count how many times the occur the level of pain, but I lost the field with id treatment (traid) that permit to me join the result with the original table  and for this reason I write this for help. I attached the workflow.



Hi Elio,

can you extract the level of pain using a regex e.g. "(\d+\d*/\s*\d+)"?

Cheers, Kilian

I created and attached an example worklfow using the Regex Split node to extract the value. To count the value you can e.g. simply group by it.

Cheers, Kilian