counting a specific word in the text


I am trying to count a specific word “RT” in the text file I have. However, it needs to in capital so case-sensitive. I am trying the workflow that I attached but couldn’t quite sure which function to select in the dictionary tagger node for this. I also got error when I tried to export the output. I would be glad if you can help me with this. Thanks!
word count march data.knar.knwf (18.7 KB)

What about Rule Engine NODE? Use either like or matches


If you have installed Python you can try with Python String.count() function ( There are a lot of functions in Python which you can use to count words frequency (


Here is an idea on how to start Count words.knwf (19.1 KB)

Or in the KNIME way Count words II.knwf (28.3 KB)

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