Counting characters, numbers, letters

Hello all,

I'm trying to conduct a data audit on my database and would need to create the following:

1) Count all rows with non-printable characters of all columns

2) Count all rows with numbers of all columns

3) Count all rows with letters of all columns

4) Count all rows with letters and numbers of all columns

I have tried using the String Manipulation node and countChars, but this only let's me check one character at a time. Also the Rule-Based Row Filter lets me filter out this data, but for having more than 40 columns it's quite time consuming to set up everything one by one.

Any better solutions?


Are you sure a workflow tool like Knime is the best solution to this type of problem?

What database are you using, have you considered querying system tables and reviewing DBA type options to retrieve this type of data?

Copy and paste your list of tables into excel, then find the appropriate syntax to select things like row num, then drag paste the queries and run them in the db client?