Counting image segments

I am very new to image processing in KNIME, so I am struggling with what is probably a simple query - following a Global Threshold -> Connected Component Analysis, I am looking to append a column to my table indicating how many segments each image is divided into.

How is this achieved?



Hi Alastair,

there are several ways to do that:

* Labeling Properties -> Label Count

* Segment Feature Node (just execute it) followed by GroupBy with Source Labeling as Group and Counting of Labels as Aggregation method.

Does this help?


PS: A nice example for counting can be found at "Counting Chromosomes".


Hi Christian,

Thanks, that looks perfect. I am watching your Image Processing webinar as I type, and have also got the Counting Chromosomes example to work through.




Great! We are currently working on some really useful stuff concerning the ImageJ2 integration, Documentation and new nodes. I hope there will be a really nice release by the end of january!

However, if you have any further questions, feel free to ask.