Counting loop start with different iteration number each time

Hello everyone. I am trying to use a table creator and table row to variable loop start in association with a counting loop start in order to have the counting loop iterating the input a number of times equal to the number of rows in the table creator with the number of iterations per iteration defined by the values in the cells of the row in the creator table. For example: if I have a column whose row values are 5,10,15,20,25 and thus 5 rows I want the chunk loop start to iterate the first time 5 times, the second time 10 times, the third 15 times and so on… until 5. Do you know of any feasible solution since I tried with several configurations and nodes but I cannot set the flow variable in the counting loop node in a way that it works? Thanks in advance.

It hard to visualize what you’re trying to accomplish. You first talk about a Table Row to Variable Loop Start and a Counting Loop Start. Then you give an example that uses a Chunk Loop Start. And then you ask about a Counting Loop again.

It would be helpful if you provided a workflow (with example data, if possible) showing what you’ve attempted so far, along with a more thorough description of your goal.

Yes, you are right. I am sorry but the chunk loop node was a typo since I wrote it real fast and what I meant was counting loop start again. Anyways, I will upload a workflow here so that it will be easier to understand. In brief, I want the counting loop start to be controlled by a flow variable whose integer values are contained in the table rows created by the first node(Table creator). I hope this explanation makes it more clear.

Counting_loop_with_diff_iter.knwf (15.5 KB) .

Hello @matt0,

I have checked your workflow and the design you have done is the right one for what are you trying to do. Place were you have missed is column type in Table Creator node which is String. This means you will create a flow variable type string with Table Row to Variable Loop Start and it will not be available in Counting Loop Start node under Flow Variables tab as loop iteration requires flow variable type type. So to make it work change your column type to Integer in Table Creator node.

Note: Flow variables are available to downstream nodes regardless of connection type meaning you don’t need a flow variable connection between Table Creator and Table Row to Variable Loop Start nodes.



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