Counting occurrences in a list


I am looking for information about how to count occurrences in a list and I would appreciate any help.

The table has just one column, something like that:


a, c, d

c, d, e, g

a, c, d, e, g

The output I need is something like:

a: 2

c: 3

d: 3

e: 2

g: 2

The counting I think could be done by using "value counter" node. My quest is really about handling the list in order to the actors be counted.

Thanks in advance,


Hello Cadu,

you could use the ungroup node first in order to ungroup the actors. Susequently you could use the groupby node to group by the ungrouped actors column. This will return one row per actor. Using the count aggregation method on a remaining row will return the number of ros the actors occur in.


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