Create a complex report with multiples workflows

Hi guys,

I made a huge process and create a master workflow that make call to others workflows ( about 10 workflows side-by-side. The project is to create a pdf file with several tables, images with a singular page layout.

As I could see, every workflow can generate a data and image objects and with BIRT, I can generate a formmated PDF with a layout that I can define.

Problem: Can I create a master page with several pages and information with this structure? How can I join all the worflow ate once? It likes the InDesign from Adobe process, but I couldn’t see how to make it works.

As a print example:

Each workflow will have process with export objects.

Basic: Simple reporting example – KNIME Community Hub

Advanced: Advanced example of reporting with BIRT – KNIME Community Hub

I saw some examples and tutorials, but for a single PDF with all data at once, could be done?

Remember: All workflows are joing side-by-side as print!

How can I process all nodes and at the end of all, I generate a single but full pdf report? Thinking in a batch process that will be into an automation task.

Sorry, but it can be a great challanger for all the times!!! lol

Tks, Denis

Hi @denisfi, sorry for the long delay.

From what I understood, you have several workflows and each one of them have some output table and you want to generate a single report using the output of all the workflows but currently, you are generating a report in each single workflow.

Instead of generating a report in each workflow, use the Container nodes (e.g. Container Output (JSON)) to pass data and generate the report by using the received data from all the workflows.

Also, you can use the KNIME Integrated Deployment nodes to run all the workflows in single workflow and generate the report.

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