Create a geojson file with buffer for locations

Hi I have a use case which requires to create a geojson file based on locations (addresses in germany) with a buffer size.
So the goal is to enter the location, extract the latitude and longitude for them and then create a buffer object with a certain radius e.g. 20 km around the object and save those in a geojson file.
Has anyone experience with that? Thanks and br

Hi @Daniel_Weikert,

I’m not sure how this can be achieved right now.
However, you might consider waiting just a bit for the geospatial nodes that we are collaborating on with the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University: Research Projects Using KNIME | KNIME (HVD-21-07)

Kind regards

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Thanks a lot for your reply @marvin.kickuth
Highly appreciated. As always I need it right now, but I am still looking forward to seeing another awesome implementation of your KNIME guys. :v:
br and have a great weekend

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