Create a geojson file with buffer for locations

Hi I have a use case which requires to create a geojson file based on locations (addresses in germany) with a buffer size.
So the goal is to enter the location, extract the latitude and longitude for them and then create a buffer object with a certain radius e.g. 20 km around the object and save those in a geojson file.
Has anyone experience with that? Thanks and br

Hi @Daniel_Weikert,

I’m not sure how this can be achieved right now.
However, you might consider waiting just a bit for the geospatial nodes that we are collaborating on with the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University: Research Projects Using KNIME | KNIME (HVD-21-07)

Kind regards


Thanks a lot for your reply @marvin.kickuth
Highly appreciated. As always I need it right now, but I am still looking forward to seeing another awesome implementation of your KNIME guys. :v:
br and have a great weekend

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hello , I just want to know the geospatial nodes that you are collaborating on with the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard University publishe? I’m looking forward to using this node.

Hello @GISer_last ,
we will announce and release the Geospatial Extension, that we develop together with the Center for Geographic Analysis at Harvard, at the KNIME Fall Summit. This will be the first version of the extension and by far feature complete but we will continue to add new functionality to it.
If you have any use cases or feature request please let me know either here or send me a personal mail.


Great work @tobias.koetter
I assume you will post an update in this thread as well just in case I miss it :wink:
thanks for your hard work. Highly appreciated!
br and take care

Hi @Daniel_Weikert ,
yes I will update this thread and we will also add some information to the general What’s new page etc. You won’t miss it :slight_smile:
But as I mention the version we will be releasing will be far from complete but we hope that we will get lots of early feedback which we can incorporate into the further development. So your and the feedback of every KNIME user is highly appreciated.


Something with bugs is better then nothing. I have never seen a perfect product from Apple either.


I’m very happy to announce the release of the Geospatial Analytics Extension for KNIME. If you are looking for example workflows to get you started check out the spaces of the Center for Geographic Analysis on the KNIME Hub. Over time we will add more spaces and examples here. So stay tuned.
For more details about the Geospatial Extension see the What’s new page.

As always your feedback is very important to grow this extension further, please feel free to contact us via the KNIME Forum or Github.


Hello @Daniel_Weikert ,

have a look at this example: focusing on the first four nodes, it seems to solve your issue!

Have a nice day,


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