Create a new column with a specific row value

Hi KNIME geeks,
So, I have the first table with a control value in a row and a second table that is longer than the first one. Now, I would like to take a specific value from a row and create a new column in the second table as shown below in the image. I was not able to find a solution. right now I found a manual option to generate such a result but I would like to find a solution where this is automatically done by a node. Can any of you please help? Thanks a lot for your support.

first table: [redacted]
second table with new column ‘control mean Delta CT’ that I needed:

Hi @paramasi,

Welcome to the KNIME forum! If the new ‘Control Mean Delta CT’ a calculated value or does it come from one of the original tables?

In either case, if I understand the question, you could join the tables, and then if needed do the calculation.



Hi @wkhan, Thanks for the reply. The value comes from an aggregated table using the GroupBy KNIME node. In the above example, I wanted to take the number from the ‘control’ row in the first picture and create a new column that contains only that number as in the second picture. Later, I want to use the MathFormula node to subtract the mean delta ct and control delta ct for normalization. At the moment I have a complicated solution that automatically takes the number from the ‘control’ cell and creates a new column using a combination of 4 different nodes. But I think there might be an even simpler solution to this.
I thank you again for the reply.

Ah I see now. I’m not sure if there is a way to do it without less than 2 nodes unless you want to use one of the Snippet nodes.

If the ‘control’ value is always the first record then you can use the Table Row to Variable – KNIME Hub and then a Constant Value Column – KNIME Hub

If ‘control’ is not always the first value then you can add a row filter before. See attached.

Constant Value Column.knar.knwf (13.7 KB)


Thanks @wkhan , I used similar work floow but yours helped me to reduce one step becuase I had some redundant nodes. It helped. Thanks so much :slight_smile:

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Hi @paramasi -

Removing the images with confidential info at your request. Feel free to repost if needed.

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