Create a pdf with a component visualization

I’ve made a composite view with tables and plots in a component and, I would like to export it as a pdf or an image. Is it that possible without to replicate it in a BIRT report?
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You can save a view as pdf by opening the composite view, right clicking on it, selecting ‘Print…’ from the pop-up menu and then saving it as pdf file.
For this to work, first you may have to change the display options used by JavaScript Views. Please go to File >> Preferences >> KNIME >> JavaScript Views and make sure that the “Bundled Chromium Browser” option is selected instead of “Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) Browser” in the top section of the dialog window.
I hope you will find this helpful. Please let us know in case of questions.

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Hello @dorabarna
It worked but, there is an issue with the pagination. It just print 1 page with the part of the report that fits on the size of page I set. Is there any way I can let it know that it has to make as many pages it needs to fit the hole report?

Hi @lsandinop,

One way to have the whole report in the pdf, would be to change the scaling: in the Print dialog window >> More settings >> Scale, switch to Custom and decrease the scale until every part of the view will fit the page. This will still create a single page pdf, but it will include every element of the report.
As an alternative, you can also save the view as a static, but scrollable HTML file, by using Save as… from the right-click menu of the view and selecting “Webpage, Complete” from the Save dialog.

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The report looks tiny, but it is enough.

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