Create a row list using position of comma separated values related columns

I have two columns where each column is has cell values separated by a delimiter (,). The value separated by each delimiter in these column are related by position as shown below
col1 col2
--------------- ----------------
Row1 v1,v2,v(n) v1,v2,v(n)

so here v1 in col1 relates to v1 in col2. what i seek to achieve is create a table list like below
colA colB

col1v1 col2v1
col1v2 col2v2
col1v(n) col2v(n)

repeating for all available rows.

Thank You

Hi @basamoahjnr
You can use “Cell Splitter” with “,” as a delimiter, and set output as a list, and use “Ungroup” node. see this workflow:
rows to cols.knwf (8.8 KB)


works like a charm. @FtmhRahimi

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