Create and execute pure HTML outside the iFrame of the Webportal

Hi all, hi @mmedzihradszky,

The execution of the workflows through the webportal allow to configure web pages that will be shown inside the webportal canvas. However, the “generated HTML page” from a metanode i an iFrame inside the global canvas. Moreover, each node (quick form/javascrip/…) inside the metanode will generate an iFrame inside the iFrame of the metanode inside the global canvas of the webportal.
This is quite complicated for me.

Is there a way to create and execute/show a single HTML page outside any canvas?

One way could be to create a data row or a variable containing the content of the HTML page (no problem), but then how the page can be shown in a web brother with a direct launch by Knime?

Maybe an other way could be to execute the workflow in batch mode, but I do not know how to do it this way!

Thanks in advance,


Hi Lionel,

If I understand correctly, then you want to decouple the HTML page from the KNIME WebPortal completely? If yes, then this is not possible at the moment: wrapped metanodes will be displayed only in the KNIME WebPortal.

Can you tell us more about the end result that you are trying to achieve? We might be able to recommend some other solution!


Hi Medzi,

Yes that is exactly this.

I have a web page with 2 iFrames. I would like that the first iFrame would be generated by Knime (HTML page). This HTML page will contain javascript functions to control the second iFrame.

The fact that the page generated by Knime is already inside a hierarchy of iFrame do not allow an easy control of the actions.


Hi Lionel,

OK, I understand. That unfortunately won’t work, the webportal pages are designed to work within the KNIME WebPortal not outside. Might make sense to have a call next week to check what solution could work.


Hi Medzi,

I found a workaround by generating an independent hmtl file and then with a javcript function replace the windows document with the generated html file. It seems to work but not very elegant :slight_smile:

Of course we can have a call.



Hi @lcollia,
Could you share a knime workflow example ?

Hi @volkancamas,
Sorry, I can’t, I don’t have any more the hand on this code.
To the best of my memory you need 2 parts in your workflow:

  • first, the building of an html code and its saving as an html file with a file writer
  • second, inside a metanode, a javascript viewer node with a javascript command that will update the All web document or a specific iframe of the Knime server canvas with the content of the html file
    I hope it help
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