Create Date/Time Range last day of month

It would seem that there’s a bug in the Create Date/Time range node. After generating the month end 28/2/2014 it seems to stuck to 28 days for each subsequent month.


Hi @pzkor,

could you give us further information about the other settings of the node? Maybe a screenshot of the dialog?


Hi @SimonS,

See here:



Thanks, Perttu.

I would not consider this as a bug. In each row one month is added. So if you have the 28th of one month and add another month, the result will be the 28th of the next month. However, if you have the 31th of a month and add a month, you can only the get the 31th of the next month if this month actually has 31 days. That’s why the days decrease to 28. Since each row calculation is done independently, it won’t be increased back to 31 anymore. So this all is not about leap years.

I guess you want to generate a list of dates with the last day of each month? In this case, I would suggest to first generate a list of dates with the first day of the month and then use the Date&Time Shift node to subtract one day.

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Sorry, of course this does not have anything to do with leap years as it is stuck at 28, not 29, and the nearest leap year was 2012 in fact. But it would seem to be a bug nevertheless.

For a feature it is a bit strange though, but agree, the 1st of each month and timeshift is an elegant fix. Naturally it had nothing to do with leap years, I was just too quick to shoot a message.

Thanks for your help!

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I would rather call it a bug if it jumps from the 28th to the 31th because sometimes I just want to have the 28ths of all month. A valid solution may be to add an option “Create dates with last day of month”. It’s one of these typical date&time issue where it is hard to find the right solution.

However, I am glad the fix works for you!


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