create file name Node .. Errors with formats

Hi there… I get corrupted files when using this node to create csv, xlsx or xls files… they will not open in excel or any other app… on win10 and Mac knime 3.7.2… Bug?

Could you give an example workflow. Or at least a screenshot?

hi there
sorry for the delay… here a little example of creating separate files per group…
as said… the create file node is not propperly handlying other formats than .table…<a class="attachment"fileperGroup.knar (9.9 KB)

Hi @adaptagis

but in your workflow you are using the Table Writer, which will always write the KNIME Table format, independently of any name created with the Create File Name Node.
If you want to write an Excel File you need to use the Excel Writer node in the loop.
Or for CSV the CSV Writer.

Cheers, Iris

Hallo Iris

I see… so to run the create file name node properly, you not only have to choose the deisred format in the configs but attach the adequate file writer to it… makes sense… ;-p

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