Create groups in which the data values assigned share similar characteristics of identity

Hi collegues,

for reduce the dimensionality of the data I have thought about create another column in which I assign for example the date time or the other features to a more generic group that can contains more values that share together similar caractheristics, like group together the months that belong to the same season. Or the range of hour that belong to specific part of the day like the morning (range 7:00-13:00), afternoon (14:00-18:00) ecc ecc... 

Let's say that I have a lots of different datetime values like "2016-01-14" and more, and I wanna assign these datetime values to a more generic group, something like:





datetime group
2016-01-14 4
2016-08-15 2
2016-10-01 3
2016-04-01 1

How can I make these kind of group assignments with Knime?

Thanks in advice.


Okay, I have found by myself the node that solved my problem, the Numeric Binner node.

Hi Gujodm,

thank you for your feedback.

Cheers, Iris