Create Hive table from csv file

Hi, I just new in Knime
I want a try to load my csv file from local computer to table in hive. Any one know how to make this flow?

@galihbahtera welcome to the KNIME forum. You can import the data via the DB/hive loader. If the hive table already exists you could append it, the DB Connection Table Writer – KNIME Hub has this option.

Another option is to upload the CSV file (or better use parquet or ORC) to the HDFS and use it in an external table:

If you want to learn more about KNIME and Hive you can take a look here:

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Is it possible to make flow like this?

@galihbahtera yes only in the case of hive you would use the hive connector and I would make sure to delete a possible (temporary) table that is there.

You can give it a try with the

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In here Im use DB connector cause my configuration like this

and I’m using this connector to read table from hive using knime and it work, is it any different using db connector and hive connector?

I cannot say in very detail. I would recommend using the specific connectors for Big Data systems. The configuration should look mostly the same. Otherwise you might just give it a try.

Big data systems have some special characteristics that would differ from ‘normal’ databases. If you just use open SQL (HQL) syntax it might not make that much of a difference. Otherwise with the Hive and Impala connectors you give other KNIME DB nodes a chance to know that they are dealing with a Big Data system.

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