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Hi everyone,
in a workflow i want to create a string column with a link (composed by: “file directory”“file name.jpg”) to a local directory in my PC. I used the node “column expression” to create the string using the function join.
Here is the code:
join(“C:\Users\andrea.ruggeri\Desktop\Nuova cartella (2)\febbraio_Ra\WFM_HttpServer\foto\odl”,“file__name.jpg”)

My goal is to obtain this string “C:\Users\andrea.ruggeri\Desktop\Nuova cartella (2)\febbraio_Ra\WFM_HttpServer\foto\odl\file__name.jpg”, but when I run the node, I have serveral alert about the syntax of the code in particular with the slash charachter.
How do I manage this problem?? there is a better way to create this link?

Thank you in advance!


Double slash character.

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Hi there @ARuggeri91,

depending on what your use case is. For what do you need this column after? Is it existing file or this will be new file?

As @izaychik63 said you need two backslash characters as backslash is escape character for special characters. Same goes for String Manipulation node which I would use as it is a bit faster than Column Expressions node.


I tryied whit the double backslash and it worked!

Thanks @ipazin and @izaychik63 for the help!


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