Create multiple ggplot charts with R nodes and include these in a report

Hi there,

I am looking for some guidance on an approach...

Let's say we have the iris dataset that we all know.

I would like to plot the Sepal.Length as a ggplot and the Sepal.Width as a ggplot per species

so in total this would be 6 plots.... (3 species x 2 plots)

This is the static case and I think I know how to generate this... However in my real life data set I have no clue how many species there will be upfront... 

So I think my question is twofold:

1) how can I generate multiple plots from the interactive R nodes, while not knowing upfront how many this will be?

2) how can I use the generated plots in a BIRT report?

Any help/guidance on the approach is appreciated..





I did some more experimenting tonight and found a way to do it.. However I am not sure if this is the cleanest way to do this. Any feedback is welcome again.


Looks like a good approach!

For an up-font unknown number of outcomes I'd opt to summarise them by GroupBy, and then iterate via "TableRow to Variable Loop Start" and a Row filter (or your "add table to R"), using the grouped row variable in question as loop input filter.

I cannot upload any material on my present connection, otherwise I'd show you hands-on.


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