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is it possible to create or add cellinformations to an other table as the input table? I have a Raw-Data Table and want to sort it and of course it can happen that I have to combine some entries. And for this I want a new organized Table because at the end i want to have three different tables with different "Objects".

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No sorry, the java snippet can only work on one row at a time, outputting one row at a time.

But maybe you can do everything in KNIME with multiple nodes?

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Thanks for your reply. At the moment I'm trying to implement an own Node with an own model who do this for me. The workaround with multiple nodes haven't worked for me.

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I find this to be an important limitation. There are indeed occasions in which it is necessary to generate several output rows from each input row. One could, of course, call the Java node several times for each row, but that would not be very efficient.

On the other hand, processing of the entire table can be done quite fast in a Python node, but the cost of data serialization in order to communicate with the Java environment is non-negligible.

Hi @mpenalver

interesting feature request.
I will open this in our bug tracking system so we can monitor the number of requests.

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Thank you, Iris. Just to be clear, the idea would be to increase the flexibility of the Java node by passing to it the entire input table and returning the entire output table, precisely as it is done with Python nodes but without incurring the cost of serialization.

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