Create PDF with tables and images

Hi KNIME Team,

I would like to know if it is possible in KNIME to generate a PDF with information from tables plus adding images into it and also some text and formatting this.

It could be something simple like below example:



Hi @MarcEM

This is possible in KNIME through its BERT plugin, as shown in the following workflow posted in the KNIME hub by @ScottF:

The BERT reports can eventually be saved in most of the common formats such as PDF, WORD, HTML, etc. To transfer data or images to a BERT report is as simple as adding to the workflow the two following nodes:

You will find plenty of other examples in the above three KNIME HUB and NodePit links to start with.

Hope it helps.


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Hi Ael,

Thanks a lot for your quick reply!

I will try those nodes then.


Hi Marc,

My pleasure!
Good luck and best wishes,